At Yoga Space Siem Reap, we have chosen to offer online yoga instruction using Google Meet. Why did we choose Google Meet instead of Zoom?  

  • 1. It’s easy

    While on Zoom yoga students need to download a desktop app or browser plugin, Google Meet allows meeting hosts and attendees to manage and join meetings from the web browser of their choice simply by visiting, with no additional software required.

  • 2. It’s secure 

    Google Meet is more secure than Zoom. It encrypts messages but doesn’t use end-to-end encryption. Messages are encrypted “in transit”. This means that they are only encrypted between a yoga student’s device and Google’s servers.

  • 3. You can join by phone or computer 

    Download the Google Meet app, or just open Meet.Google.Com in your browser. There are many ways to access Google Meet so you can join your Yoga Space Siem Reap class.

  • 4. You can even connect by HDMI to your television 

    Do you have a HDMI cord? All you need to do is plug it in to your computer and you can watch your Yoga Space Siem Reap class from your TV or a larger screen.  

  • 5. Slow wifi? You can change your video resolution

    If your Wi-Fi is a bit patchy and you find you’re struggling to hear people or their video feed is jittery, try changing the resolution. It’s probably because your Wi-Fi connection is a little unstable. To change the resolution, click on the three dots in the bottom corner and click on Settings and click on the Video tab. Here you can lower the quality of both your video feed and other participants’ feeds. Your video quality will be worse, but you will be able to hear everyone else a whole lot better.

  • 6. Use your favourite headphones or speakers

    Once in a video call, you can go to settings and choose your audio source.

    • Wired headphones 
    • Phone, laptop or device 
    • Speaker 
    • Bluetooth 

So now you know why we love Google Meet! 

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