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Class Types

Illustration of a lotus flower Live online Class

Live Online

These Live Online classes welcome people from around the world. The idea is to open a room and our doors to as many yogis as possible, practicing in unity and union where we are in the world. Our teachers will guide with cues and clear instruction for the entire online studio, for a magical experience.

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Private Class

You choose when, how, and in what style to practice. We will be there for your journey. Your program will be personalized and designed considering your physical and mental wellbeing needs. Our experienced teachers offer a variety of class styles to suit your goals and needs.

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Corporate Class

Every great workplace has a wellness program. Let us personalise a live online yoga experience for your team – they’re worth it! Our experienced teachers offer a variety of class styles to suit your goals and needs. Contact us and we’ll arrange a program to fit your budget and time schedule. We can do Zoom or Google Meet.

Class Schedule

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