“Yoga taught me how to breathe and connect with my inner self. I believe our bodies and minds are all unique gifts from the universe. And I always appreciate and respect the differences we have which make us who we are.”

Yoga Training & Tingting
Tingting started her yoga journey in 2010.

Her training includes:

320hr certified Yoga Teacher (200hr in Hatha & Ashtanga; 100hr in Yin Yoga; 20hr in Anatomy) and
Traditional Thai Massage practitioner
From 2017, Tingting started travelling around Asia, teaching and sharing her experience in different countries. She has taught classes, workshops, retreats and provided Yoga Teacher Training.

As a mindfulness practitioner, she has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology & Philosophy. These qualifications enable her to weave her knowledge of the mind into her classes.

What to expect with Tingting’s Yoga Classes
“I love offering variations in my class to make the practice accessible and yet challenging to different participants and helping them to understand their bodies better than explore the possibilities. For me, yoga is not just a physical exercise but a wonderful reminder of bringing awareness to life and staying connected with body-mind. Yoga shed light on my previous confusions and became a part of my life.”

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