Loz found yoga as a dancer, with little knowledge about the vast journey of the eternal student she was set to embark on. 

‘I first attended a Hot Yoga Class and I struggled through the whole thing. Looking back between my legs at every one else seemingly flowing so graciously. I was in such a world of frustration and conflict in my mind. But then I remember coming out of my first Savasana and feeling it was the deepest sense of rest, repair and deep inner peace I could ever remember feeling, it was wonderful.’This experience sent Loz on a beautiful journey of mind-body connection and discovery. She practiced devotedly for 2 years at home on her own, due to working rurally. Then had a loud message from her heart ring through, to quit her job and travel to India to deepen her learning and experience. 

Her training includes:

She studied her 200hr Teacher Training of Hatha and Vinyasa in Rishikesh, India the birth centre of Yoga under Yogi Simon Gill at Vinyasa Yoga School. She went straight into teaching across Australia and Cambodia, constantly evolving her journey as an eternal student to the philosophies of Yoga and gathering more to share with all who gathered in her Yoga Communities. Loz is completing her 350 hour Teacher Training and Advanced Diploma of Yoga Therapy through Biyome- The Biomedical Institute of Yoga and has a fire of passion to continue to share all that she learns of that space in between…where science and spirituality meet. She also studies under Yin Yoga Master Paul Grilley to learn deeply of the anatomy of Yoga.

She is a certified Reiki Master in the Usui lineage of Reiki and practices often on herself to help understand her balance of energies and adjust her practice accordingly, as well as sharing this healing modality wherever she finds herself in the world for long enough. She practices and studies a range of different Yoga and movement methods such as Kundalini, Nidra, Restorative, Fluid movement, Hatha as well as Vedic and Zen Buddhist meditation techniques.

What to expect with Tingting’s Yoga Classes

Yoga to me means coming home to myself. It’s as simple as that. When I found my way back inward through Yoga I realised all the connections I had forgotten as a growing human being throughout my life. I am connected to each and every being. To every element of this earth. To every fibre of my body. To all that exists physically and spiritually. This constantly evolving realisation has transformed my life and the way I experience this physical lifetime.’

She loves teaching because she just wants to support people on their journey to heal, to slow down again and come home to themselves. Yoga Nidra is one of her favourite Practices as she finds it is the easiest way to break through all the collected layers of self and return home, with a deeply nourished nervous and energy system. 


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August 28, 2021

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