”While I bought and followed a yoga VHS tape as a teenager, and attended classes sporadically in my 20’s, my true yoga journey began when I stayed at an ashram in India in 2015. I was instantly immersed in a daily program of 5am mala meditation, hours of traditional hatha yoga, Ayurvedic diet and cleansing techniques. It was after a month of this that I realised things about myself I’d forgotten for decades, like how I wanted to be an artist. This was a truly shocking realisation for me, as I had at some point cast it aside as a meaningless childhood dream. Following the ashram stay, straight after I got back to Australia, I began my diploma in art therapy, what I consider to be one of my authentic callings.

In the years following, I practiced yoga mostly on my own, sometimes attending classes or retreats, but mostly committing to a sequence and practicing it daily. I noticed that when I did yoga regularly, things flowed more smoothly throughout my day, I felt grounded in my body, and I loved myself more. I also loved doing it! I thought, maybe I’d do the teacher training course someday, but just for the sake of doing it, not for the sake of teaching. 

The more I reflect on my experience of yoga, the more I realise how yoga helped me find myself, and keep me centered on a path that has been extraordinary and meaningful because it honours who I am. While it hasn’t always been easy (at all), it has been absolutely worthwhile.

I eventually decided to take the yoga teacher training to teach yoga because it aligns with my desire to help people find their authentic selves. Because the more I practice, the more I understand that this is what yoga did for me, so what a joy to be able to share this incredible gift to others! “‘


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August 28, 2021

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