Yoga teacher Saarah

Saarah has been mad about yoga since discovering a book at a children’s library sale in 1992, complete with pictures of hippies in fluorescent leotards, contorting themselves in front of giant mandalas.

She practiced as a hobbyist while her classmates played netball, and got serious during her full-time attendance at Mahasiddha Yoga school in Chiang Mai, in 2015. Her teachers took her deep into the exploration of yoga as spiritual expansion, and her journey has since continued.

Saarah teaches yin-yang yoga. Classes begin with active and dynamic stretching. Restorative postures and guided meditation complete the practice, creating an energised and peaceful state of relaxed awareness. Commentary is provided for those who want to understand what their practice can mean beyond the realm of general exercise.


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June 8, 2023

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