Yoga teacher - Sreylin

Sreylin commenced her yoga journey in 2008 at Krama Yoga NGO. After four years of consistent practice, she earned the prestigious opportunity to become a yoga teacher under the “Body Smart Life Skill” program initiated by Krama Yoga NGO Cambodia in 2012. The program involved a comprehensive curriculum such as Teaching Methodology, Philosophy, Anatomy, Asana, and Adjustment classes. To further enhance her skills, Sreylin also taught a few NGO classes like Phare, PEPEY Empowering Youth, and Anjali House for kids’ programs. She graduated from the program in 2014.

In 2017, Sreylin underwent a 200-hour teacher training program at Azahar Foundation and received certification from UK Alliance Yoga. She taught as an Azahar yoga teacher in Siem Reap until 2019.

Sreylin is currently working as a freelance yoga instructor and providing her services to different hotels and gyms such as Angkor Fitness, The Fit Gym, and WARRIOR FITNESS. She is highly skilled in her field and also offers private sessions.

Sreylin’s style of flow yoga will bring you to various yoga asanas to build both flexibility and strength. Her flow is the combination of alignment focuses to make sure that your movement from one posture to the other posture is safe. Through, focus on the movement of your body and focusing on breathing will bring your body, mind, and spirit into one.


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June 8, 2023

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